10 social media Advertising trends to watch for in 2018

Social networking advertising has witnessed a tremendous rise in the years 2016 and 2017, with no indication of slowing. 2018 is going to see social networking marketing take centre stage of promotion actions of manufacturers with new strategies, strategies, etc.. By startups to MNCs to governmental parties all are riding on the waves of raising visibility on social networking and are paying an increasing number of focus on social networking advertising.

With 2018 round the corner, here will be the ten social networking marketing tendencies we think is going to rule the year.

1. Instagram stories Will rock

When Instagram started Instagram stories very similar to Snapchat stories, the firm itself would not have thought that it is going to be that large. But, together with 200 million people monthly using Instagram stories it’s easily surpassed Snapchat stories by 50 million users. Every brand would like to grab on this chance and would utilize Instagram stories for their marketing.

2. Influencer advertising would increase

 Influencer advertising has been one of one of the significant brand marketing strategies used by businesses. As demonstrated by a poll, 94 percent of manufacturers were satisfied with the result of influencer advertising. From merchandise established firms to service-based businesses, everyone tried their hands onto influencer advertising and achieved great results. At the year 2018, an increasing number of manufacturers are going to utilize influencer advertising as a means to promote their services and products.

3. Augmented Reality are on the  increase

Together with Apple launching augmented reality experience in its recently launched iPhone 8 and X, the race to build AR apps for promotion purposes are on the  increase. Companies like Nykaa and Yelp have already been using AR to help their user create the better choice concerning their purchases.

4. Generation Z becomes the focused target audience

The millennial generation has become the most important area of attention in social networking marketing. However a research by Goldman Sachs demonstrates that from the year 2018,  Generation   Z are the significant centre of attention for manufacturers. Because this creation is just going into the workforce with a purchasing power which is more than millennials, brands are certainly likely to shift their focus. Also, since the Generation Z is far more inclined towards using Instagram and Snapchat, an individual would see significant investments in such social networking platform.

5. Brands would Concentrate on live-streaming 

Live streaming was majorly began as a means for people to broadcast themselves. But very soon it became among the best tools for manufacturers to market themselves their product/service and connect to their target audience. Take for example what Buzzfeed did to garner attention during streaming. They live streamed a movie in which two individuals were putting rubber bands onto a grape one by one until the watermelon burst. The movie lasted for 45 minutes and in its summit time had a viewership of all 807,000.

Social networking has for long been the significant platform for targeted advertisement of manufacturers. But, in doing so they have greatly missed on the use of messaging platforms which has a solid base of more than 2.5 billion people. For the calendar year 2018, we could anticipate brands to greatly utilize the power of the messaging platform to increase customer advantage.
With many messaging platforms such as Whatsapp, Hike, WeChat, etc., businesses have ample amount of chances to promote themselves.

7. Chatbots

Chatbots created for different functions saw a rise in the next half of 2017. The calendar year 2018 would see a additional rise in the number of chatbots application riding on the tide of artificial intelligence. From answering people’s question to promoting a brand, bots are used everywhere by company to encourage their advertising activity. Even Facebook has integrated chatbot to the Facebook messenger. Therefore, a company can use it in order to provide answers to frequently asked questions, provide customer support, etc..

8. Twitter is shifting for Greater

Twitter is a social networking platform which became stagnant after its first success. At the year 2017, it’s barely seen any significant increase in its own consumer base. The leadership staff in Twitter, conscious of this situation would test their level best to bring Twitter back to the social networking match. While we have begun seeing some changes being made on the platform such as raising the word limitation from 140 personalities to 280 characters. More changes could be seen in future to produce users spend an increasing number of time around the platform.

9. Digital Hangout are a leading fad  

Should you go to Generation Z, then we’re confident that you would have undoubtedly heard about Houseparty app. The app is a movie hangout platform utilized to have a virtual hangout with friends. As an increasing number of people are using live video as a means of communication and entertainment, we’re confident that many more apps are found at 2018 in this area.

10. Strong governance coverage by Social Networking platforms 

2017 was the year that saw social media platforms filled with bogus news, adulterated content, etc.. With government figures and other company pressing hard for the content to be regulated, we’re likely to find new governance coverage on use of social websites. Although many may argue that this may restrict the liberty of speech of individuals, but we leave this for our viewers to pick.

Social networking marketing is just likely to get bigger and more varied in the next few years. All these will be the 10 social networking advertising trend which we think is going to rule in 2018. Do share your comment in the comment box below.

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