5 Best Dog Marketing Tricks to Social Media Dominance

Many people state that the net was created for cats, but pet lovers — and people who post about their dogs social media — might beg to disagree.

If your business caters to pups and their happy owners, it is pretty much imperative to use social media marketing as a way to get in touch with customers.

Five Dog Marketing Tricks to Boost Your Brand

If you’re not already on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest, get  to a computer and install your own profiles ASAP. These sites, amongst others, are in which your customers are hanging outside. When they are not posting pics and videos of their dogs, they are looking at other cute animals.

1. Interact with Your Followers

Cute images and videos that are funny are a few strategies to run a dog advertising campaign, yet to rise above the pack, you’ll have to actually engage the viewer. Just how can you do that?

Ask them! Invite followers to share their puppy’s unique customs, cute antics, and sometimes even perplexing behaviors. Pet owners love to discuss their furry family members.

Caption competitions are just another surefire method to solicit opinions. Lots of individuals love badger strange pics just for fun, but to actually get the feedback rolling in, provide a prize for the best submission or the one with the most “likes” with a certain deadline.

2. Offer Exclusive Bargains

Use your Facebook page or Instagram account to offer followers promo codes whenever they make an order from your e-commerce site. Have a brick-and-mortar support? Ask them to mention a certain branded hashtag to receive perks — a freebie or some percent off — if they schedule puppy dressing or come in to embrace a new friend.

3. Harness the Hashtag

Hashtags may seem absurd, but they can be used sensibly. Handy for categorizing and coordinating articles, hashtags can also help boost brand recognition if they are particular for a brand or to the service you’re offering. So while #dog probably will not do you much good, #lovemypitbull or even #pitbullpuppy can be useful when you’re supplying bullies available.

What is the very best method to use hashtags for puppy advertising? Do not go forward with them , but select them. Do your research beforehand so that you don’t make a social media gaffe making use of a hashtag with a double significance. The best practice is to capitalize the initial letter of every hashtag to make it easier to browse.

4. Let People In

Dog advertising posts can be more informal than traditional advertising collateral. Not only are you able to talk to consumers immediately and inexpensively, but you can use social media to allow them to view behind the scenes. Share pics of daily office life,  or even “outtakes” or even bloopers from your final-cut videos.

Not only are you able to talk to customers more immediately and informally, but you can use social media to allow them to view behind the scenes. Share pics of daily office life, “outtakes”, or bloopers  from your closing clip  videos.   A breeder could integrate a pup cam into their YouTube or even Facebook strategy so that potential customers can observe the pups in the play.

5. Use Influencers

Influencers are individuals who have substantial followings on interpersonal media platforms, and they’re able to definitely boost your promotion efforts. Reach out to influencers in your niche   to provide free goods for giveaways or them for their followers. You may also link to their articles and develop into a mutual connection.


Social media advertising can be challenging, as well as time-consuming, so you might wish to think about outsourcing this on the experts. Contact us  for your SEO and marketing and advertising requirements.

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