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  • Strengthen Your Goods & Services in the Market.
  • Boost Traffic and Conversion Prices.
  • Boost Conversion Prices.
  • No set up charge, no contract
  • Reduce Cost Per Conversion.
  • Reduce Advertising Expenditure.

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99MediaLab’s Comprehensive pay-per-click plans for your business

Per Month. No contract.

Upto 10,000 Keywords Management

Text Campaign Development

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Upto 5000 Keywords Management

Text Campaign Development

Per Month. No contract.

Endless Keywords Management

Text Campaign Development

Our Procedure to Undertake a Pay-per-click Project

What Our Small Business Website Design Customers are

Testimonials by our customers

99MediaLab was a fantastic team. Our social networking plan was developed by them and have continued to support and handle our networking networks. They increased our ROI .

Rick Kamal, President – Edu-Nova: http://www.edu-nova.com

Amazing company. Very welcoming and receptive to all my queries and site needs. They did a fantastic job in my first job that I am having them work on another one. These guys are the very best!

Travis Robbinson, Owner: eCarSource.com

Our Google Adwords (PPC) Campaign Case Studies

Wahoo Tutors Website Design

Wahoo Tutors is a Virginia established business that is small with an outdated site. We designed and developed the site for this business with…

Banquet Hall — Internet Design

Produce and this little business from California reached out to us to design a site for them to replace a flash based site that they had.


99MediaLab’s Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing makes it possible to dominate the most all-important search engine result pages (SERP). PPC is a advertising and marketing model that is lucrative. For internet advertising specialists like us it is a way to drive quality visitors to your site.

Search engine optimization is complemented by an integral component of search engine marketing and if executed targeted visitors increases.

With PPC you have to pay for the ads. If you have the clicks of course this is only truly beneficial. Need from comprehensive research goes in to our PPC plan that makes certain that you get the targeted visitors.


Having your advertisement shown up in the right place at the right time is part of how PPC achievement. To assist visitors go the distance and actually click on the advertisements we create ad copy. Our copywriters know how to increase people’s curiosity online. This provides the high click-through rates you want to find excellent traffic.

Target Specific Times and Locations

If you’re searching to reach a nearby market, we can trim the focus of our PPC campaign and zoom in to specific geographic areas e.g. running advertisements for the term ‘Los Angeles Locksmith’. You can have your advertisements run at specific times of the day to target or night time.

Whatever the case, our PPC advertising makes it possible to dominate the internet and your niche.

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